In America Digital:

We work to create and transmit clear, attractive and coherent messages related to your activities, products and services. In this way, we help to create a positive corporate image and enhance your Company reputation. We develop communication and marketing projects in accordance with your activities products, and services.

Marketing and Design Services

Graphic Communication

The corporate image is composed of what the company is, what the company does and what the company expresses about itself. Therefore, the corporate image is how the company embodies itself, how it does its job and how it express its messages.

Graphic Design

In AD we develop comprehensive global communication projects to launch a Company, to analyze the communication situation within the organization, to improve visibility and reputation of the same or to increase employee motivation, attracting the attention of customers or strengthening the sales plan.

You will work with a team focused on the needs and goals of your company, which will implement cost effective integrated solutions to achieve your communication goals.

Image Design for Social Networks

The corporate reputation of the organization depends largely on what is said in social networks. Social media facilitates and improves building relationships with stakeholders, while increases exponentially opinions and comments generated about your brand, your products or services.

We design the image of your company to be developed through different social networks. We create images that will attract and keep you in touch with your followers in Facebook, Twitter and so on.