In America Digital:

We have a solution for all your communication needs: Customized lessons, preparation for any language certification, translations, interpretation and proofreading. The languages we teach are English, Portuguese, French, German, Chinese, Italian and Spanish (for foreigners).

Languages Services


Our language courses are tailor-made to meet individual student schedules and a set of exclusive objectives..

We customize your lessons according to your availability, in any modality you prefer ( face-to-face or virtual), focused on your work area (Marketing, Finance, Accounting, etc.).

We also prepare your for certifying yourself in any of the languages we teach.

Please contact us and ask for a sample lesson



We translate and / or do the proofreading of all kind of texts, from very simple ones such as a letter, to the most complex ones. We have urgent or regular deliveries, according to the length and complexity of the text.

The languages we handle are:

  • English
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Italian
  • Spanish


Depending on the type of event we count with different types of interpreting:

  • Consecutive Iinterpretation:

    The interpreter translates the speech once the speaker finish speaking.

  • Simultaneous Interpretation:

    The listener will receive the translation of the speech in real time.

  • Escort Interpretation:

    The Interpreter translates the meaning of speech to a small group of people.