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We promote the adoption of IT educational programs, seeking to meet the growing demand of professionals with this knowledge in the industry. We complement the adoption of the program with value added services, such as operational technical support, jobs, experts for specialized talks, marketing and communications, etc.

Educational Services

Quality Support for Cisco Academies

Within the operating model of the Cisco Networking Academy program, America Digital is part of the associated partners, and is qualified as an Academy Support Center (ASC), implementing not only basic support services but also combining them with complementary value-added ones.

Services to Supported Academies

  • Development of Promotional

  • Management of Speakers

  • Newslatters

  • Development of Promotional

  • Technical Support

  • Virtual Training

  • Employment Bureau

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We understand the importance of corporate work and its contribution to the development and welfare of the country through the creation of more and better entrepreneurs, businesses and jobs. This is why we work with your school in implementing workshops where students can gain knowledge of the business environment and marketing, human resources, administration, accounting, technology, communication and legal, enabling them to enter the labor and business world.